Theta Xi Spring 2022 Recap

Written By: Artemis Ely

The start of this year didn’t look good. After a year and a half of COVID restrictions, I was unsure of whether Kappa Chapter would be able to recover. We had an entirely senior class, with multiple brothers set to graduate before the end of the year; if the chapter didn’t bring in plenty of new members, and more importantly, young members, we might only have a handful of brothers by 2023. Luckily, we had a dedicated executive board that was focused entirely on the Fall Rush, and many non-officer brothers were participating in committees outside of the chapter. Seeing the predicament we would be in if we didn’t have a good Fall Rush, the chapter opened the floodgates on our savings account, and planning throughout the summer saw the money put to good use.

And it worked. After holding rush events like a Deep Fry Day, an RC Car Demolition Derby, a Tie Dye event, and many others, we gained 5 new freshmen and 1 senior in our Fall Rush. By the time they were initiated, the chapter had spent more than three thousand dollars bringing in new members, and as this last year’s treasurer, I’m happy to say it was well worth the cost. We followed on with a strong Spring Rush, bringing in another 5 freshmen and 1 senior, meaning we had nearly doubled in size from where we started the year with. Of the 12 new brothers, 11 will still be with the chapter in the Fall, as one senior graduated.

Despite all the chapter’s hard work, we still found ways to play hard as well, in the Kappa Chapter fashion. The chapter went all the way to French Lick, Indiana, for a two-day formal in the Spring. Brothers, their dates, new members, and a few friends from other fraternities had a formal dinner, went to the local casino, go-karted, and even took a local safari tour – all while staying in a cabin once visited by the Roosevelts.
At the end of the year, the chapter brought back our philanthropy event Taxi Bash, where every hit of a car with sledgehammers and crowbars generated proceeds for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. We also gave bittersweet farewells to a total of 6 brothers, (myself included), as they graduated. Graduation saw more than a dozen other alumni visit the chapter and spend time getting to know the new brothers.

I’m happy to say that the chapter has not only saved itself from its decreasing membership but is now on the path to continue growing in future years. Having spent three years with Kappa Chapter, I am proud of my brothers for the accomplishments they have achieved, and I am excited to see as an alumnus where our new brothers will take the chapter. For the first time, we have brothers who will still be around in time to experience the new house, and I am looking forward to supporting them as they grow the chapter to fill it.
K-1104, Artemis Ely, Class of 2022

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