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For over 60 years, Theta Xi Kappa Chapter has resided in their historic home located on 6th Street--Greek Row--in Terre Haute, IN.

It is our pleasure to announce a new chapter in the Theta Xi Kappa story: a new home! Kappa Chapter will still own their 6th street home--known for its unique and artistic rooms that compliment its old charm.

The men of Theta Xi have free reign of their living quarters, allowing their creativity and individuality to flourish.

Basement - Unicorn mural painted by Edie, Brother Dr. Zac Chambers's wife

Basement - Dragon and space mural painted by a Theta Xi Brother

Basement - Graffiti wall: This is a wall that people can paint as they please

Blakely Ave (New House) Preliminary Floorplan

File Name: 231-Blakely-Preliminary-Drawings-03-12-2020.pdf

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902 S 6th Street, Terre Haute, IN 4780

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