Founders Day 2021 Recap

In honor of our beloved fraternity’s founding, Theta Xi – Kappa Chapter annually holds its “Founder’s Day”: A day of various renovation and spring cleaning projects to our home; and for the first time ever our new house located on Blakely Avenue! This year Senior House Manager, Coleman Robertson – K1094, was at the helm of organizing this special day. Here is a quick recap:

This year the Senior House Manager and the Brotherhood agreed that focusing on 5-year fixes to the house should be the focus of this year’s Founder’s Day. Due to future work being performed on our new home and tasks that held the highest priority at our current home, this was the best option for the interest of our fraternity with the budget and resources available to us.

Some of the updates and renovations performed to the new house were:

  • Cleaning up landscaping
  • Planting new shrubs and flowers in the flower beds — thanks Xander at Blooms for the horticulture help!
  • Repairing and patching the holes in the foyer ceiling and red-staircase walls
  • Re-painting the walls of the foyer, red-staircase, and red-staircase landing
  • New kitchen pantry shelves, and hooks for pots and pans

Some of the renovations/clean-up at the new house were:

  • Clearing out the theater room of its garbage and old construction supplies — a large dumpster was filled!
  • Sweeping of decades of dust collected

Fun additional note:

Brother Joe Krisciunas found a lost dog. Together with the help of Brothers Will Detterman and Todd Kuebelbeck, the lost pup’s owner was found and reunited.

Thank you to all Brothers this Founders Day! Special thanks to our Brother and Chapter Advisor, Dr. Zac Chambers, for your help at the new house and organizing the dumpster; and Mattie Hoard for your help as well!